What does a good Celebrant not do?

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And I don’t mean not running away with the groom (or the bride), or not getting caught kissing in the corner with one of the bridal party…
Chances are I will tell you all that you are amazing and wonderful, and that I love you all… But not like that OK?

Let’s talk about the ceremony NO NOS

Like everything I say about planning your ceremony, it is your choice what your Ceberant does, or doesn’t do.
Having said that I do have three basic things on my “I don’t do that” list

Get in your first kiss photo

EEEK….. I know you have all seen the photos online of the third-wheel person standing between the couple as they share that memorable moment.
That first kiss is probably the most memorable photo of your ceremony!!!
Long before I initiate the moment that you will kiss, I will have moved off to the side and be well out of your photo.
There will be no stage dive to the side from me either! (Unless you request one)

Tell you what to do

Aside from the legal obligations (See here for my guidelines – MY CEREMONY GUIDELINES) I am never going to tell you that you must do something.
Or for that matter, that you cannot do something.
So long as your legal obligations are covered, you can be doing handstands in your pajamas while you say your vows if that is your thing…

Hog the limelight

This can be a tricky balance. Yes, I am up there front and centre with you, yes I will be in some of your photos, and yes I will sometimes have your guests looking at me rather than at you.


We will discuss this when we plan your ceremony, and I will know your preferences, and you will know where I will be and why.
I usually deliver the beginning of a ceremony from a central position, standing between you while you face each other, before moving to the side while you exchange vows.
This is my preferred positioning for a few reasons –
* You can look and focus on each other.
* Your guests will be looking at me because it is natural to look at the person who is talking, so by standing in the middle I am also drawing eyes to you.
* It will help you to settle into your ceremony, and I will be on hand for those last-minute pep talks of calmness.

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