A Non-Legal Ceremony is a declaration of life-long commitment, love and dedication. This may be between any two people, or more if that’s what you choose. There are no legal requirements for this Ceremony. It may be similar to a Wedding Ceremony (without the legal recognition) or not, the choice is yours! You will be presented with a ‘keep-sake’ copy of your Ceremony and a Commemorative Certificate signed by you and your chosen witnesses.

There are many reasons why a couple may choose not to legally marry under Australian Commonwealth Law… There is no reason why your ‘non-legal’ alternative cannot be just as special.

You can exchange rings, sign a custom written declaration, have bridesmaids, best men or women, page boys and flower girls…  Or you can pick a tree and stand under it just the three of us! Just like with a legal wedding, the choice is all yours!

The only thing that has to be missing is the legal documents. But together we can create unique documents just for the both of you and I will provide you with a special ‘keep-sake’ copy of your ceremony as I do with all my weddings.

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