My Service To You

Every couple should have exactly the wedding they dream of. My passion is to deliver a ceremony to every couple that exactly matches those dreams. I love to write the perfect ceremony for each couple. With no two weddings or events being alike, no two ceremonies should be either!

Every ceremony I conduct is different, exactly as the couple wish, and as simple or as elaborate as they can dream up. I work closely with a couple to ensure everything they want in their day is included, everyone who wants to be involved is, and that no one is uncomfortable on the day.

For current pricing of this and other Services please refer to my Pricing page.

Legal Information

The Notice of Intention of Marriage must be lodged and witnessed by me not less than one month, and not more than eighteen months, prior to your ceremony. I can provide you with this form, you can download it from here or the Attorney Generals Website.

You must present a birth certificate or passport if born in Australia or a birth certificate or current passport of the country of birth if born overseas. If previously married a decree absolute is necessary or if a previous spouse is deceased, a Death Certificate will be required.

Photo ID along with proof of address is required to prove you are the person on your birth certificate, and your residential address (not a PO box)

The above things are a legal requirement, please do not ask me to lie or ‘pretend’ I have seen these or done things within the correct timelines. I cannot, it is against the law for me to do so, and embarrassing for both parties.

If you live interstate or are unable to see me personally, the notice can be witnessed by a JP, a police officer, lawyer, doctor, or a Commissioner of Declarations. The form can then be sent to me by mail and the time period is still one month from when the notice arrives to me. You will then need to provide to me your ID documents before the day of the wedding.