What does a Celebrant wear?

Celebrant Clothes, Deborah Lilley C.M.C.

Clothes that’s what!
And no boring black dress or slacks on my watch either!!

Let’s talk about ceremony clothes

Mine that is, not yours of course.

You two can wear whatever you want. I will love it, and gush over your dress, your suit, your entourage, and your flowers, and especially your cute as a button bridesmaids and pageboys.

You have the power!

What I mean is when it comes to MY outfit for YOUR day, then you have the final say.

My wardrobe is way too vast (just ask my other half how many dresses I own!!) for you to say ‘Oh wear whatever you want’
So I need you to make choices.

It is almost guaranteed that I will wear a dress on your wedding day, as it is rare for me to wear anything else when I am not at home slobbing around in my t-shirt and trackies.
But as to what dress, well that depends on your flower colours, your entourages dresses or suits, and your overall theme.

I wouldn’t want to turn up in a bright red dress to stand in the middle of a pastel themed ceremony. But in the same vein, a red dress may suit your vibe perfectly if you are having a darker theme or bridesmaids in black… It is all about perspective!


Do you want witchy, sorceress Celebrant?
Or maybe the uber-conservative office type Celebrant?
The Retro 60’s siren with victory rolls and big hair?
Or are you going for a laid back vibe and want the boho, relaxed Celebrant?

Well, I am all of those Celebrants, and I have outfits to suit, and a whole lot more.

And that’s before we have even started to talk about my love of Fancy Dress and themes… Gatsby, Star Wars, Harry Potter… and more. I have them all and the collection grows each year.

Hit me up on my socials and ask me about my wardrobe, do you want to see a certain dress?When you come for your meetings ask to see some options, I am always happy to share my love of clothes.

Oh and have you seen my Cupid Chocolaticas?
Or my new Popping Candy that are called ‘Salute’

If you are still looking for a Celebrant, and you think that my wardrobe is as amazing as I do, then click HERE and say Hi.

Photo credits to Sven Studios for the Medieval photo, and KISS Package for the Retro photo.